About us

Our history

The Open Door was initiated by a member of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in 1988 in response to a growing number of homeless and “working poor” people coming to the church for help. Many of these people came to the church for food, a listening ear or warm clothing for the winter.

In June of that year, a small team of volunteers opened a drop-in center located in a small room under the church lobby where, over the next three months, they spent three hundred hours listening to visitors and helping them with basic needs.

After this initial effort, St. Stephen’s decided to continue the ministry. A small budget was allocated for the work; additional financial support was provided by local donations and the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

The ministry was then named “The Open Door”. Services provided included food and clothing, daytime shelter, counselling, referrals to professional mental health and addiction counsellors, literacy, health facilities and employment assistance. With the exception of a four-year period (2003-2007) until 2009, The Open Door was a mission of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, located at 4006 Dorchester Boulevard in Westmount, at the corner of René-Lévesque and Atwater streets.

In 2009, Emmaus Anglican Church partnered with St. Stephen’s to operate the mission. In 2010, Emmaus Anglican Church accepted sole responsibility for The Open Door. This was incorporated in July 2018 under a new name – The Open Door Montreal / La Porte ouverte Montréal. Throughout 2018, we were actively involved in the renovation of our new day center located at 3535 Avenue du Parc and moved in on December 3, 2018.

The Open Door Montreal is widely recognized as a valuable asset to the community by serving the most vulnerable people, who are most in need and least willing to help themselves.